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Feelings for Creativity.....

Our services are dedicated to providing support to people working in all areas of media and the creative arts.


We are a team of registered counsellors and psychotherapists who share a passion for all things creative, recognising the power of creativity to give life meaning, direction and purpose.


We are dedicated to understanding the personal issues that can reduce creative output, stop productivity in its tracks and negatively impact self-esteem,  motivation, career progression and wellbeing.


These disabling - sometimes devastating - situations can be worked with, understood and resolved through counselling and psychotherapy. 


If you want to talk about your current concerns  -   without obligation  -  feel free to contact us. 


Jon Edge, MA, MSc, UKCP Reg, MBACP, 

Director, Counselling For Creative Professionals

Assessment for Counselling or Psychotherapy

Assessment is essential in order for your therapist to have as much information as possible about you, so that the right kind of help can be offered, tailored to your individual needs. Your assessment session allows us to offer a treatment schedule and framework suited to your unique current situation. This first meeting aims to:  

  • establish a full picture of your current concerns/issues 
  • take a full personal history
  • summarise the keys elements of your current difficulties 
  • explain the kind of therapy you will receive, its framework and method
  • identify your motivation and suitability for working on your problems in therapy
  • agree on a focus for your therapy, its treatment focus, aims and limitations
  • clarify all practicalities related to therapy including fees, frequency and duration of sessions, cancellation arrangements, boundaries of confidentiality, etc
  • consult to you on alternative forms of help, if this is appropriate or requested
  • allow you to ask any questions related to your therapy or alternative forms of support that may be available

Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy

These sessions:

  • last for 50 minutes
  • are held once weekly on a regular time and day*
  • could be held twice or three times weekly if you opt for psychotherapy
  • may be time-limited (usually 8 - 16 sessions)
  • may be open-ended (treatment ends by mutual agreement on a pre-planned date))
  • are confidential, subject to statutory exceptions

*We aim to provide flexible appointment arrangements for those whose work schedules or locations can change suddenly. 

Couples Counselling

These sessions:

  • last for 55 minutes
  • are usually held once weekly on a regular time and day
  • may be offered on a two-hour session basis where appropriate)
  • are usually for a run of 10 - 20 sessions
  • may be extended for up to 12 months, if appropriate
  • require the attendance of both partners for all sessions
  • have an agreed treatment focus
  • may include some directed 'homework' or activity between meetings 

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

― Erich Fromm

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